Advantages of a Kegsoft Account

KBL is a sophisticated business language and solution environment that is undergoing continuous enhancement. Kegsoft provides a platform on which you can safeley share scripts with colleagues and customers and access those available in Keg Groups. Having a kegsoft account also ensures that your KBL environment is kept up to date with the latest features. 

A kegsoft account is automatically opened for you the first time you install our products, this requires standard email indentity verification and it's our stated policy not to disclose any kegsoft account details to any Third Parties unless specifically authorised to do so as part of integrated communications or product-specific application configuration.

Key advantages of a Kegsoft Account:

  • Access to both FREE and premium subscription kegsoft products
  • Updates & enhancements automatically available when they are released
  • Ability to share scripts confidentially & communicate with other users via Keg Groups
  • Access to KBL resources and support materials
  • Access to add-on command packs and expert vocabulary
  • Ability to suggest & request enhancements as part of our continuous improvement programme
  • Priority notification of new features and products