• Increase Business User versatility & reduce IT support dependency

    Increase your capability & reduce IT support costs

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    Create IT versatility & self-reliance in the office

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    Under Pressure? KBL delivers productivity when it's needed

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    Design & prototype IT solutions in KBL Studio Express

  • Buisiness Logic

    KBL = [User Interfaces] + [Business logic] + [Data input/output]

  • KBL Studio EXpress

    Kegsoft Business Language cuts through the toughest IT tasks

  • ERD

    Handle your data with ease in KBL

Kegsoft Business Language (KBL)


Change from being an IT consumer to IT producer, KBL Studio Express is quick to learn & fast to work so you can solve problems & create business applications as they are needed. 

 Innovative:  Simplified but highly evolved data-centric language  
 Productive:  Write, test & run business & process logic with ease
 Accessible:  Ideal for business users, students & IT newcomers
 Capable:  Tackle even the toughest office & technical tasks
 Scalable:  Create applications & process datasets of any size  


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