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Kegsoft Business Language (KBL)

Boost your IT capability & productivity. We took a fresh look at what business users really need from IT and have come up with a radically new language that's quick to learn and easy to use. Designed completely from scratch, top down, KBL is a simplified but highly capable IT language so if you are working against the clock, KBL could be just the tool you need to complete urgent tasks quickly & efficiently. Tip: If you have an assignment that requires more than a spreadsheet solution but can't afford the cost & delay of calling in IT specialists, take look at building your application in KBL.

KBL Studio Express (KSE)

KSE is our entry-level 'tactical' Studio tool used to cut through a huge variety of office and technical IT tasks, it's ideal for problem solving and creating rapid tactical applications. KSE is capable of despatching tough & demanding IT assignments including with complex business logic & high volumes of varied data. Get KBL Studio Express.

KBL Studio Plus (KSP)

All that KSE has but with comprehensive application building features including cloud & hybrid data sharing. KSP is the version used for creating & deploying end-user 'line of business' applications for colleagues & customers. KSP is due for release later in 2018.

Kegsoft Browser

A brand new Desktop Browser for end-users to run KBL-based applications created with Studio Plus. Highly configurable for optimising your working environment, if you are looking for browser convenience and quality but need to be mindful of what business components you are putting on the cloud, take look at the Kegsoft Browser.


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 Kegsoft Business Language (KBL)

 KBL combines business logic, data & user interfaces

Created for Simplicity

This new alternative language avoids obscure IT terminology with refreshingly straightforward vocabulary. Write your KBL scripts and test them as they are being developed and when completed, they are easy to peer review and test by other business users. KBL is highly capable, scalable and can meet the most demanding of objectives.

KBL bridges the gap between Business & Technology

Our aim is to turn IT consumers into IT producers so to make KBL accessible across the skills spectrum, we've designed this language and development environment completely from scratch, top-down for users who may be starting out with only limited IT experience. But, if you already have IT skills, KBL you'll find KBL a highly productive means for problem solving and creating business and technical applications. See our briefings page.

A Business-friendly IT language that removes the need for complex cell formulae & knotty SQL  

KBL scripts are written, run and maintained in KBL Studio Express (KSE) and Plus (KSP) desktop applications. They have fully integrated help and extensive practical examples to assist both novice and more experienced users. You can become proficient in KBL after just a few hours of learning and practice. With no steep learning curve, you can quickly become productive and capable of producing scripts for logic flow, data analysis and become well placed to tackle the toughest assignments by breaking them down into manageable components - avoiding logical knots and contortions that so often plague Excel and SQL.

IT Productivity when you need it

With a very fast development cycle, experienced users can quickly create, amend and enhance KBL scripts, making the language a great asset for completing tasks in busy, high pressure office environments. With no file size restrictions, and methods to break down complex problems into manageable chunks, KBL is a great option for applications involving very large datasets including structured information that runs into millions of records (e.g. ETL and Big Data projects).

Key Features

  • Encapsulate your business logic in self-documenting, scripts: create, test, run & share them quickly & easily
  • Simplified vocabulary with a clear, structured approach to make even complex processes easier to follow and navigate
  • Develop, run and enhance scripts incrementally, break tasks and assignments down into ‘digestible chunks’
  • 'Glue' together processes and activities within a framework of business logic 
  • Advanced features including handling very large datasets (>1Gb) which are inaccessible to standard tools 
  • KBL compliments existing skillsets  - write your scripts to integrate familiar data sources with logic & process flow
Learn more about KBL

KBL Studio

KBL Studio is a ‘fully-loaded’, self-contained development environment with a remarkably small desktop 'footprint' that runs on your Windows PC. It has just about everything you need to develop office and technical solutions – from day-to-day tasks to the most complex assignments. Your work-in-progress KBL scripts can be executed end to end, stepwise (line by line) or to set points in the script. As the current contents of all datasets and parameter values can be inspected at any step, testing your script as you write is incredibly easy so assures fast and accurate implementation of business logic. Furthermore, KBL Studio assists and speeds script writing with ‘Intellisense prompts’ supported by an integral 'Knowledge base' which helps with vocabulary and offers extensive examples for commands and techniques. Studio comes in two versions:

KBL Studio Express

KBL Studio Epress


KBL Studio Express is the entry-level version of Studio designed primarily for tactical problem solving for business (and IT) users who need to complete one-off or repetitive tasks. Think of KSE as the go-to IT tool kit you would reach for first., It's ideal for data preparation, cleansing, transformation, exception processing or even just data analysis where your process flow comprises multiple components. You can write modular scripts of any size, work with from small to very large datasets (>1Gb) and output in a variety of formats. KSE users can share and distribute scripts with other users but note KSE has effective but basic user-interface capabilities.

The KSE FREE TRIAL (public download available shortly) is a great way to experience KBL's capability and to try out the language with no obligation to purchase a licence.

KBL Studio Plus (Due later in 2018)

For users with more ambitious needs including "line of business" solutions, we recommend installing or upgrading to KBL Studio Plus - Kegsoft's strategic KBL development product which includes application-building vocabulary and advanced features suited to more experienced users. As standard, KSP includes the following abilities:

  • Create structured user interface screens, panels and grids for control, data input, display & maintenance
  • Prototype wire-frame menus and components for look and feel before creating your full application
  • Create multi-user applications with access control that share data sources
  • KSPACE quota, Kegsoft’s convenient shared cloud database and file storage facility. Kspace resources are fully integrated with KSP and easy to use
  • Create unlimited projects with no limit to the number of concurrent scripts being developed and run
  • Turn your application scripts into run-time executable applications for end-users to run in the Kegsoft’s desktop browser
  • More advanced command sets not present in KSE
  • Extend KSP's vocabulary with optional extension command sets and bespoke functions

Kegsoft Browser

A desktop browser, similar a web browser, KBrowser enables end-users to configure their own working environment to run functionally rich packaged applications written in KBL. The browser checks users credentials for access permission to an application and any shared data (including cloud), it will also provide information about the application – help and documentation, the author and means of support. For example, an application could be written and distributed to browser-using colleagues to analyse weekly sales figures and to enable authorised users to correct customer information. The Keg Browser is both FREE and easy to install. User registration is required so credentials can be checked when applications are run and data accessed.


In the pipeline: KBL Studio Pro

Although KSP is highly extensible and will benefit from a continuous program of enhancement, Kegsoft plans to release Studio ‘Pro’ (dates tba) for advanced KBL users to make full use of extra Kegsoft Standardised Technology Platform features. Additional facilities will include a simplified method for cross-device connectivity and control for mobile and other devices (Internet of Things) as well as additional access layers for external database and cross-product interfacing – all benefitting from Kegsoft’s innovative approach to IT simplification.


Installation of Kegsoft products is simple and safe, they are delivered via the desktop Kegsoft Desktop Installer which uses Microsoft's ClickOnce technology. After your Kegsoft account is created you can select the tools you wish to install 

Kegsoft KBL products are designed to run on the Microsoft Windows operating system  

Bespoke Solutions for Private Clients - Ask Kegsoft

Kegsoft can call upon a wide range of business and IT technical skills covering the full development life-cycle. We have deep experience of analysis and design - including database and application design. If you need some help or advice, we are always happy to talk and discuss your specific requirements. We can provide bespoke KBL solutions Contact us