Kegsoft Limited Offer: Get your FREE copy of KBL Studio Express

  KBL Studio Express

As part of our KBL launch, we are offering UK-based businesses & individuals a FREE copy of KSE & help to  get started. Contact us or call on 01568 613272. This offer is limited to only a set number of new users.

KBL Studio Express

KBL Studio Epress

Good News for KBL Studio Express novices: there are no skills pre-requisites to start using KBL but if you can use a spreadsheet, you will certainly be able to quickly build on your knowledge of working with data. KBL Studio Express is the entry-level version of Studio designed primarily for rapid problem solving and tactical applications needed by business (and IT) users who need to complete one-off or repetitive tasks quickly. Think of KSE as the go-to IT tool kit you would reach for first. It's ideal for data preparation, cleansing, transformation, exception processing or even just data analysis where your process flow comprises multiple components. You can write modular scripts of any size, work with small to very large datasets (>1Gb) and output to a variety of formats. KSE users can share and distribute scripts with other users.

More about KBL & KBL Studio Express

For more strategic line-of-business application building, including multi-user and cloud sharing datasbase requirements, we recommend upgrading to KBL Studio Plus (KSP) which will be available later in 2018. KBL enable you to combine scripts, data & documaentation into distributable run-time applications that run in the Kegsoft Browser.